Nov 6, 2012

HW due Wed., 11/7

Enroll in the new iTunes U course. If you have problems, email me and I'll send you a PDF for the first assignment. We'll solve them tomorrow.

Then, annotate the Moynihan article. Use iAnnotate and try out different methods. Do ten annotations.

Oct 19, 2012

HW due Monday, 10/22

Read Ch. 12-13 of Bread Givers. 

Work on Humanities Project. 

Next Monday we will do self-assessment.

Oct 18, 2012

HW due Friday, 10/19

Read Ch. 10-11; Think about Reader's Response for Class Tomorrow
Tomorrow, you will write a descriptive paragraph to demonstrate your writing and reading skills, as well as your understanding of one of the essential questions followed while reading Bread Givers. This work will be done in class.

BRING YOUR LAPTOP. It will be hard to do on the iPad.

If you are in Section 1, you must turn in your note cards and we will perform the "last scene" before we take the assessment.

Oct 16, 2012

HW due Thursday, October 18

1. Read Ch. 9 in Bread Givers (no annotations necessary).

2. Prepare for your "Big Picture Editing" in English by continuing your research for the Humanities Project.

Look for history information about your New York Place. You should have 8 notes - put them on note cards and turn them in on Thursday, our next class, when we will dedicate some class time to discussing your projects.Write the name of the source at the top of each card.

If you have not yet turned in the two bibliography cards, do so right away, as this is a late assignment.

When you turn in the final project for Humanities, you must list your sources in the Chicago style and include some history information!
If you need any help with the Chicago style for bibliography formats, go the the Google Site created by Ms. Methven at 

Aug 28, 2012

Welcome to Avenues: The World School and History/Humanities 8!

This is a fun homework blog that will contain student-friendly posts with information about homework and classwork. You can still consult the official school website at
and iTunesU, where I will upload documents. However, I hope this will help you see what you need more clearly for classwork each day....besides, you can feed the fish!
-- Ms. Allen

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