Sep 30, 2005

Homework for Friday, September 30 (Due Monday)

1. CSG, pp. 32-35 and AN, pp. 205-208, #1-5 (on ratification of the Constitution).

2. Community Service Report for September, including revised goals at top and a running total of hours listed. Here are the directions:

On the first of each month, turn in a word-processed document to Ms. Allen with a St. Luke’s heading that answers each of these questions for each different activity. Write it in PARAGRAPH form, and make sure the work is done up to SLS standards for 7th/8th grade writing.Mr. Travalgione and Ms. Allen will keep copies of your goals and reports and will work with you individually and as a group to implement your goals and reflect on your service learning.
WHAT was the event? Describe it.
WHERE was the activity?
WHEN did it take place – and for how long? Keep a running total of your hours on each monthly report.
WHY was your activity a meaningful example of community service? What did you learn from it? How did you help others?

Sep 29, 2005

Homework for Thu., Sept. 29 (Due Fri.)

1. Highlight all the human rights being denied to the 13-year-old boy in our new Amnesty case.
2. Do the CSG, pp. 27-31.
3. Do the Essentials, p. 40.


Sep 28, 2005

Homework for Wednesday, September 28 (due Thu.)

1. Constitution Study Guide, pp. 11-15 (questions on p. 15).
2. Read American Nation, pp. 216-218.
3. Any makeup work? CSG, pp. 19 and 26?
4. Be thinking about Community Service Reports, due Monday. Amnesty Meeting Friday at Lunch!

Sep 27, 2005

Homework for Tue., Sept. 27 (due Wed.)

1. Consider and be prepared to defend your answer to this question tomorrow: Were the founders of the new American nation reasonably concerned about Shays' Rebellion and other such instability, and did they really need a new constitution?
2. Read about the framers of the Constitution. Who were they? Read and answer in the CSG, pp. 22-26.


Sep 26, 2005

Homework for Monday, Sept. 26 (Due Tue.)

1. Make sure you've done the work in the CSG and AN (see below) -- you've had plenty of time!

2. Tomorrow, you'll be asked to report back what you did with the tv ad on Sudan and the Kristof article.

3. Please note: our first AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL meeting will take place Friday from 12:15 to 1:00. Our case will be for a young person in the Sudan (see below if you want to get a head start).

Sep 23, 2005

Homework for Friday, September 16 (Due Monday)

1. Homework change: the work formerly due Mon. (CSG, pp. 16-19 and AN, p. 194) will be due Tuesday, September 27. We will watch the conclusion of "Freaks and Geeks" in class on Monday.

2. Still due Monday: share the Kristof article with an adult and email the link. Be ready to report back.

3. If you would like to get started on community service over the weekend, our new Amnesty case can be found online. You may write to the Ambassador from Sudan about El-Amin Kuku, age 13, who is a refugee in police custody who is in serious danger of abuse. You can find the case at:

Again, you were great at Peter's Place. If there is anything missing for your Newcomers buddy, please make sure you bring it on Monday!

Sep 22, 2005

Homework for Thursday, Sept. 22

No change from yesterday...see below. You were all so wonderful at Peter's Place!

Sep 21, 2005

Homework for Wednesday, September 21, 2005

1. DUE TOMORROW (THU.): Cut out ten pairs of matching shapes for the mobile/collage we are going to put together tomorrow at Peter's Place, the homeless shelter in Chelsea. We will be eating at 11:30 in the homeroom and leaving at 11:45.

2. Get your quiz signed.

3. Do your Life Awareness homework (see below).

4. Write a personal letter to your Newcomers buddy. Ask him/her some questions to answer. If you have two buddies, please write two letters. If you haven't turned in a picture yet, do so ASAP (Margaret, Nicole, Olivia, Adam, Nikhil).


5. Email the link to someone and be ready to report back about it.
6. Give the Kristof Darfur article to an adult, explain it, and ask him/her to pass it on. Be ready to report back.

7. Do the Section Review in the AN, p. 194, # 1-6.
8. Read and answer the questions in the CSG (Constitution Study Guide), pp. 16-19.

Sep 20, 2005

Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 20 (Due Wed.)

1. Do CSG workbook, pp. 4-5 (answer the "quiz").
2. Read American Nation (AN, from now on), p.. 186-194. Define all blue vocabulary in writing.
3. Find your Essentials workbook.
4. Don't forget Life Awareness assignment due on Friday -- worksheets, read magazine, memorize decision-making method.

Homework for Monday, Sept. 19 (Due Tue.)

Create a beautiful Venn diagram comparing the independence movement of India to that of the 13 Colonies. 15 items minimum, illustrated, with color -- and nice, neat, and serious work!

Sep 16, 2005

Homework for Friday, September 16 (Due Monday)

1. Write a letter to your Newcomer buddy (or buddies -- you might have more than one). Find a photo. If you end up having two buddies, we'll photocopy them, or you can copy them by hand on nice paper. When you get your buddies next week, I'll ask you to also answer their letters directly. Here is the "recipe":

Recipe for Newcomers Letter

Some nice paper (better than old notebook paper)
A nice pen or pencil, or a good printer if you type it
Warm thoughts Welcoming attitude
At least one photo A final, typed draft of your bio-poem


Think about what a partnership is. Consider how sharing ideas about human rights might make our work more effective and meaningful. Your Newcomers buddy will be your partner in fighting for human rights.

Make sure you include a return address in the upper right hand corner, either St. Luke’s (487 Hudson, NY, NY, 10014) or your own. Include the date you write the letter, too.

In your salutation, write “Dear Newcomers Buddy.”

In the first part of your letter, address the following:

Basic facts about yourself (check them off): ___ names, ___ age and birthdate, ___ grade and school, ___ family members, ___where you live, ___ where you’re from, ___ pets.
Your interests and hobbies: ___ schoolwork you like and don’t like, ___ subjects that interest you, ___ things you’re good at, ___ hobbies, ___ how you spend your free time, ___ music you like, ___ movies and tv shows your prefer, ___ your friendships.

In the second part of your letter, talk about our work together, including:

What you learned about human rights last year, including: ___ UDHR,
___ movies you saw related to human rights, ___ your Amnesty work, etc.
What we are studying this year, including: ___ declarations vs. conventions and treaties, ___ the U.S. Constitution, ___ children’s rights, ___ the CRC, ___ writing to voters encouraging them to use their right to vote in November.
The cases we’re working on now: “One” campaign, MDGs, social and economic rights
Include any other information you’d like. You can change the order around if you want to.
Sign your name at the end.
Add at least one photograph of yourself; you can include more.
Attach your photo(s) and bio-poem to the back of your letter (already done)
Turn the letter, picture, and poem in to Ms. Allen on Monday.

2. You might want to go ahead and set up your Venn diagram, which will be due once we finish the movie.

3. Finally, you should do your LIFE AWARENESS homework if you haven't already (it's due next Friday). Read the magazine in full, do the worksheets, and memorize the decision-making model.

Have a great weekend!

Sep 15, 2005

Homework for Thursday, September 15, 2005 (due Fri.)

1. Study for the quiz tomorrow. Topics include:
*the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) -- know how to recite them in the correct words and to explain them in your own words. Consult the websites below for more information.
*the general history of the independence of the 13 Colonies. Consult the new workbook (CSG), pp. 7-10.

2. Start setting up your Venn Diagram. The final diagram will be due either Monday or Tuesday, depending how far we get in the movie, "Gandhi."

Sep 14, 2005

Homework for Wednesday, September 14 (due Thu.)

1. Do/Redo Ghandi/India worksheets (3) to give you some background for the movie project.

2. Type up and "make pretty" your bio-poem, which will be part of what you eventually send to your Newcomers buddy.

3. Continue studying for the Friday quiz (see below).

Sep 13, 2005

Homework for Tuesday, Sept. 13 (Due Wed.)

1. Revise/refine your community service goals and make sure they're saved and ready in a document in your folder on the network. You will add to this document for your October 1 report. Good job on those goals!

2. Continue to plan for the Friday quiz: be able to recite and explain the MDGs, as well as give general information about the independence movements we are studying.

2. Create the "one" poster -- instructions below:

ONE Campaign Poster: How Can We Work Together as One?
Due Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2005
General Expectations:
¨Create a poster that demonstrates the importance of a global partnership to improve the world record on social and economic rights.
¨ Show off your graphic design skills.
¨ Advertise a good cause.
Specific Requirements for the “Look”:
1. Poster must be in time – tomorrow by 3:15.
2. It should be larger-than-usual, about double the size of a piece of notebook paper. You can tape two pieces of printer paper together.
3. Color is essential. You may use a color printer, colored pencils, magic markers, cut-outs from magazines, and any array of materials.
4. Good graphic design will empower of your message.
5. Include all the required CONTENT. A pretty poster with nothing to say is not enough.
Specific Requirements for the “Content”:
6. You used the “ONE” concept as a part of your message. Try to be original. Come up with your own “riff” on what “one” can mean. You may also use ideas from the websites.
7. Speaking of websites, include at least one URL in your poster.
8. Mention some of the MDGs in your poster (you don’t have to include them all). A specific example about the reality of life for people in developing countries can be a powerful way to interest your audience.
9. Make sure all the information you include is factually correct. Use the websites on the homework blog to get information.
10. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and so on. Keep all writing you do at St. Luke’s up to Gr. 7/8 standards.

Sep 12, 2005

Homework for Monday, Sept. 12 (Due Tue.)

1. Read and answer the questions in the Constitution Study Guide (henceforth called CSG), pp. 7-10. Answer all of the questions on p. 10, including the "critical thinking" ones, but you do not have to write the paragraph on a separate page.

2. Review the eight MDGs, or Millennium Development Goals (you can also continue to check out the websites in the earlier posts). Memorize and be able to explain these goals by Friday.

ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS: Check to make sure you have these written down correctly in your binder. Be able to recite and explain them by the end of the week.

Question #1: Why is the drive for national independence universal?
Question #2: What challenges face new nations in developing a constitution?
Question #3: How is the American experience similar to or different from other nations?

QUIZ FRIDAY: Know the MDGs and basic information about the topics we study this week, including the "essential questions" and introductory material about the independence of the 13 Colonies and India.

MAKEUP WORK: Some of you still need to turn in your three community service goals by Wednesday (word-processed, SLS heading, good writing standards). Others still need to turn in your Bio-Poems.

Sep 9, 2005

Homework for Friday, September 9 (Due Monday)

1. Make sure you did the social studies homework below, assigned on Thursday (binder + websites).

2. COMMUNITY SERVICE: complete three personal goals that explain what kind of service you want to do and why you want to do it. They should be word-processed with a SLS heading, and the writing should be up to SLS 8th grade standards.

3. Complete the rough draft of the bio-poem for your Newcomers buddy.

4. LIFE AWARENESS: By Friday, September 23, finish reading the magazine. Fully the complete the worksheet packet on self-esteem, and memorize the four steps of the decision-making method.


Sep 6, 2005

Homework for Thursday, September 8, 2005 (due Sept. 12, Mon.):

1. Read course description carefully and share it with your parents. Share this website with them.
2. Put a printed copy of your signed course description in your newly and properly organized social studies binder.
3. Check out these U.N. websites: and and, where you'll learn about the white bands.
5. Things to know by tomorrow: What are the Millennium Goals? What does the "one" stand for in the white band?