Oct 31, 2007

Homework due Friday, 11/2

1. Do RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH! Use the sources suggested, and expand on them, always trying to use site:org, site:edu, etc. Find out what you need for your 10 questions.

2. Find two more quotes, and on Friday, turn in five total quotes (so far) with the names of the sources listed this time.

3. Create a skeleton outline -- not so brief that it doesn't tell you anything, but not with all the quotes and details. Don't put off the work -- the harder you work now, the better Friday will be.

HERE IS THE RIGHT WAY TO ACCESS THE ELECTRONIC FILES. Go to your drive, and click on "Resources." Inside, you'll find that there is a Supreme Court essay folder. Sorry for the confusion.

Have a great day off!

Oct 30, 2007

Homework due Wednesday, 10/31 BOO!

1. Prepare a thesis statement (written down) about your general topic (not the specific case). It can be changed as you learn more.

2. Show evidence tomorrow of having done research on the ten questions. Get the sources for any quotes!

Remember, a skeleton outline is due on Friday -- you need to move fast on the research so you can have a good essay! Copy the electronic data onto a flash drive or email files to yourself (you have to access it from school -- see directions below). That way, you have all the questions typed, as well as the outline format.


Oct 29, 2007

Homework due Tuesday, 10/30

1. Do research on your topic. See information below about how to access electronic files.

2. Collect and print up three good quotes you could use for your essay.

3. Don't forget Life Awareness homework due tomorrow. Share the handouts on alcohol with your parent(s) and then tear off the front sheet with a parent signature to turn in.

HOW TO ACCESS ELECTRONIC FILES, including the project itself with all the links to the websites. For the Gault group, there are summaries of the Supreme Court decisions since you don't have the Landmark website for your topic.


Students (S Drive) ->
Projects ->
Grade 8 ->
Supreme Court Essay Files

Oct 24, 2007

Homework due Monday, 10/29

Study about juvenile punishment.

First, "google" the landmark case, Roper v. Simmons. Read about it.

Then, "google" Human Rights Watch and the report, "The Rest of Their Lives." Read about it.

In two sentences for each, explain what they are, and what you think about them.

Hope you had a great retreat!

Homework due Wednesday, 10/24

Rank your topics and explain why you want each one.

Study the Myanmar case for the Amnesty meeting.

Oct 22, 2007

Homework due Tuesday, 10/23

1. Optional: Bring $2 for Amnesty.

2. Life Awareness: checklist in article, index card, and memorized decision-making method for tomorrow. There will be a quiz.

3. For Social Studies: Read over the four Supreme Court cases on juvenile rights after you have thought about and answered the questions on the first page. Highlight or make notations about Constitutional issues.

Oct 19, 2007

Homework for Monday, 10/22

Study...Constitution Test Monday.

Oct 18, 2007

Homework due Friday, 10/19

No homework is due -- except makeup work.

Study for your test Monday on the Constitution.

Oct 17, 2007

Homework due Thursday, 10/18

Do the homework below (see prior post).

Also, please note these quiz/test dates:
REQUIZ FOR CONSTITUTION OPEN-BOOK QUIZ IS FRIDAY LUNCH. Note: you may only retake the quiz if you made below a B-; your final grade cannot be higher than a B-, and the report card will state that you have retested.

Oct 12, 2007

Homework due Tuesday, 10/16, and Thursday, 10/18

For Life Awareness class, please fill in the self-esteem worksheet (old work). Read the magazine.

Then, have the required discussion with a parent and bring in a note with a signature.

Finally, write a paragraph as requested (to turn in).

We don't have Social Studies class on M, T, or W (ERBs).

Do the First Amendment Worksheet. Then, do the Constitution Study Guide, pp. 59-75. You don't have to write the paragraphs.

There will be a comprehensive exam on the Constitution on Friday, October 19.

Oct 10, 2007

Homework due Thursday, 10/11

1. Do any makeup work (comm. serv. rpt? signed essay? buddy cd? redo charts? etc.).

2. Write a letter to your buddy. Include these things:

-- information about what the music on your CD means to you
-- regrets about not meeting on HR Day but how you will see each other soon
-- something about Constitutional issues you're studying

Oct 5, 2007

Homework due Wednesday, 10/10

1. Get essay quiz signed.

2. Create an audio CD for your buddy with at least 10 of your favorite songs. Include a case. On the case or on the CD, list all of the songs.

3. Make study charts from your textbook, actively notetaking while you are doing so. Do the chart on federalism, p. 219, on checks and balances, p. 224, and on bills/laws, p. 225. Actively think about what you are doing as you prepare for the open book quiz on Friday, Oct. 12, and the comprehensive exam on Friday, October 19. Have a great weekend!

Oct 4, 2007

Homework due Friday, 10/5

1. Do the CSG, pp. 48-51.

2. Find/define/quote from the "elastic clause." You have to have it written down, or memorized (better to write it down).

Oct 3, 2007

Homework due Thursday, 10/4


You will draw one of these three questions tomorrow at the beginning of the quiz period. You will copy the question onto your answer sheet, and then have five minutes to review your notes. Then your 30-minute timed writing period will begin.

1. How is the U.S. Constitution a reflection of European history and philosophy?

2. In what ways do the principles of the U.S. Constitution protect popular sovereignty?

3. Why is the U.S. Constitution an important human rights document?

In studying for these three topics tonight, think about the main ideas you would address in a 30-minute essay. What details would illustrate these main points? As always, you will be expected to use your best formal, analytical style of writing.

ON FRIDAY, I will check whether or not you have defined, found, and quoted the famous "elastic clause."

Oct 2, 2007

Homework for Wednesday, 10/3

1. Take notes on the "principles of the Constitution" on your green note sheet. Use the workbook (CSG), pp. 39-41, for the information.

2. Do some detective work. What is the ELASTIC CLAUSE? Explain what it is. Find it in the Constitution. Quote it.

NOTE: ICEE-style in-class timed essay test on a Constitution topic on Thursday, 10/4. You will receive possible topics tomorrow for homework. When you get your topic on Thursday, you will have five minutes to review your notes, and then 30 minutes to write the essay.

Friday, October 12 == Open Book Quiz on the Constitution
Friday, October 19 == Comprehensive Exam on the Constitution

Oct 1, 2007

Homework due Tuesday, 10/2

1. Makeup work? Please keep up with your stuff -- some of you have missing C.S. reports/goals (use the guideline sheet), etc.

2. Do the Constitution Study Guide (CSG), pp. 43-7, no paragraph.