Sep 26, 2008

HW due Mon., 9/29

Study for your "quest" on Monday. Here are the tips:

Quest on Confederation/Constitution


The Articles of Confederation

--its Successes

..Its Failures

..Its Powers

..Reasons for Change

The Constitution

..Reasons for the Convention

…Who Was There

…Philly (not Cheese Steaks)

…The Convention

…The Compromises


…European Influences

…Ingredients of the Constitution

Economics 101


Your Binder and All Handouts

AJ, pp. 190-205

CSG, pp. 1-35

AJ Study Guide, pp. 77-84

Mastering U.S. History, pp. 27-33

Sep 25, 2008

HW due Fri., 9/26

Organize and review your binder as you prepare for the Confederation/Constitution Quest on Monday.

Don't forget the LA HW due tomorrow == parent chat (w/ signature) and paragraph.

Sep 23, 2008

HW due Thursday, 9/25

CSG, pp. 27-35. Do NOT do the paragraphs.

AJ Study Guide (white one), pp. 81-84.

PLEASE BE AT SCHOOL BY 8am on Wednesday. We return from Philadelphia at approximately 5:30pm. Bring a bag lunch and, optional, your cell phone.

Sep 22, 2008

HW due Tue., 9/23

Read AJ, pp. 202-206. Answer #3-6, p. 205 and #1-5, p. 206.

Sep 18, 2008

HW due Fri., 9/19 and Mon., 9/22

Bring canteen forms/money.
Get independence Venn Diagram project sheets signed.
Do your LA homework (two sheets + reading). LA HW counts for your grade!

Do the CSG, pp. 22-26 (yes, do the paragraph). Also read AJ, pp. 200-202. Answer the green comprehension check question, p. 201, and #2, p. 205.

There will be another LA assignment due next Friday.

Sep 16, 2008

HW due Wed., 9/17

Read the CSG (Constitution Study Guide), pp. 16-19. Make sure you answer the questions carefully and write the two paragraphs on separate paper so you can turn them in.

In your notes, you should have a chart showing what the nation and the states had power to do under the Articles of Confederation (a pop quiz could come at any time).

Finally, by homeroom time, you should have read and written notes for our Amnesty case. Attending the meeting is optional, but awareness of the case is not. Here it is:

Some of you still have make up work. Community Service Goals? Etc.? Keep up with your work.

Sep 15, 2008

HW due Tue., 9/16

Read AJ, pp. 195-6.
Do WB (white one), p. 80 (turn in WB tomorrow).

Make a study chart of the Articles of Confederation, using the one on p. 194 as a starting point. You don't have to point in the 13 states (duh). Also include what powers the national government DID have.

Finally, read the new Amnesty case and write up talking/bullet points for the letter you would write at an Amnesty meeting.

All of this is to be written down to be turned in.

Sep 12, 2008

HW due Mon., 9/15

1. Read The American Journey (henceforth AJ), pp. 192-196, about the new American nation and the Articles of Confederation.

2. Then, in the AJ study guide -- the white workbook -- answer pp. 77-79.

3. Your COMMUNITY SERVICE GOALS are also due. You can consult my web page on the St. Luke's School website for a copy of the guidelines if you need to consult them -- just check the Community Service page.

LIFE AWARENESS, due next Friday, 9/19
Read the articles about self-esteem and being a teenage, and then fill out the first two pages of the packet in your red folder.

Sep 11, 2008

HW due Fri., 9/12

FINALLY, THE BLOG IS BACK! Sorry to all ....

Assignment #1: Write up a "good deed" and turn it in on the colored piece of paper. Consult the website:

Assignment #2: Venn Diagram Comparison Project.

Make sure that it contains at least 15 items, is in color, has images, and shows thought and care.

Sep 5, 2008

HW due Mon., 9/9

Finish Bio-Poem: typed, fancy, with a photo of yourself to be given to your Newcomers buddy.

Take good notes on the 13 Colonies and their independence struggle. This will be information for your Venn Diagram project. Remember, you'll choose a total of only 15 items for the final diagram.

Go ahead and take a first stab at the poster for the diagram so you can concentrate on the ideas on Monday.

Sep 4, 2008

Homework due Friday, 9/5

1. Prepare two index cards with your homework buddy information:

your name
your buddy's name
buddy's phone number
buddy's cell number
buddy's fax number (if poss)
buddy's email

2.Organize your binder

3. Read over and get two signatures on course description

4. Do rough draft of bio-poem for your Newcomers buddy (final draft on Monday == typed with design and a photo).