Nov 21, 2008


You are not required to write the first two paragraphs of the essay because I did not get the outlines back to you in time. You are welcome to start working on the paragraphs if you feel ready, of course. The rough draft is still due December 8.


Nov 18, 2008

HW due Wednesday, 11/19

Detailed outline due, with indication of where your quotes will go, and what they are. Be sure you plan to quote the Constitution. Only primary source quotes are acceptable.

YOU MUST BRING TWO COPIES OF YOUR OUTLINE TO CLASS TOMORROW. Print them at 8:20 if you do not have a printer at home. One copy is for me, and one is to use in your Supreme Court Group.

Your outlines will be returned via Ms. Lewis on Monday. Your first two paragraphs are due Monday, Dec. 1. Work on them before you go on Thanksgiving break so you will have a homework-free vacation.

Nov 17, 2008

HW due Tue., 11/18

Finish getting quotes and make progress on your detailed outline (due Wednesday).

Nov 15, 2008

HW Due Mon., 11/17

Continue researching.

Bring in 1/2 of the rest of your quotes. Do enough research so that you can make progress on your outline with your group.

Nov 13, 2008

HW due Fri., 11/14

Skeleton outline for the essay. Don't fill it in, but provide enough detail to know exactly what you're looking for. You'll need to turn in a printed copy of the outline with the revised thesis statement at 1:00, when we will be in our "work groups."Also, turn in your quotes.

Life Awareness and Social Studies periods will be switched. Mother Mary will be doing something with you as a group first at 1:00pm.

Nov 12, 2008

HW due Thu., 11/14

Nothing is due Thursday, but you should be working on the outline and the research.

Due Friday: The Skeleton Outline. See your project packet.

Nov 11, 2008

HW due Wed., 11/12

Thesis for Juvenile Supreme Court Essay: include name of case, Constitutional issue, and your opinion (do not use "I").

Three quotes from the websites _PRIMARY SOURCES such as court justice opinions (MAJORITY OR DISSENT).

Nov 10, 2008

No HW Due Tue.

At 8:30, we'll meet in the Auditorium for HERvoices.

Nov 7, 2008

HW due Mon., 11/10

For Life Awareness, share this website with your parents:

For Social Studies:

For homework this weekend, find read everything you can about your case. No need to take notes yet. It’s a preliminary reading stage. Find out what happened. Check out where your source is chronicled. Is it on the Landmark page? Is it on the Oyez page? Can you find it on other reliable websites? Read through the material.

Tip: Go to sites by typing in your case followed by “site:org” or “site:edu” or “site:gov” – you’re more likely to find reliable sources that way. Write down good websites.

You’ll be learning about the essay project in greater detail on Monday, so be sure to have done your preliminary reading so you can have a clear idea moving forward.

I am treating you more like a high school student. If you don’t do the work as you go along, you will pay the price in the writing process. It’s not about one little homework assignment. Take yourself seriously!

Here are the websites:
3 cases are on this site
3 cases are also on this site

Nov 6, 2008

HW due Fri., 11/7

Do #2 in the packet about juvenile rights-- read and highlight information on the five cases. You will have to rank them and explain in a full sentence why you gave each case that rank. Think carefully -- you'll have to live with the final case selected for a while!

Nov 5, 2008

HW due Thu., 11/6

Do #1 of the new packet introducing juvenile rights. Think and write about the questions.

A website you might want to look at is:

You should also begin doing #2 -- read and highlight information in the five cases. You will have to rank them for Friday.

Nov 3, 2008

HW due Wed., 11/5

1. Get parent signature sheet signed (about two quizzes).

2. Write a letter to your Newcomers buddy.