Mar 30, 2009

HW due Tue., 3/31

Read about immigration, Chapter 2, pp. 14-31, in Do People Grow on Family Trees?
Then, write five decent questions about the chapter for students to answer, as if you were a textbook designer. Make sure they demonstrate that you've read the chapter and aren't too general.

NOTE: Trip to Tenement Museum/Chinatown Wednesday, 4/1
Trip to Newcomers High School in Queens on Tuesday, 4/7

Mar 11, 2009

HW due Thu., 3/12, and Fri., 3/13

Read Case Study 4 (Freedom Marches and Birmingham), and answer the questions on pp. 61-71.

This is a little different. You'll have a handout on the SIT INS. We'll be watching a couple of films on them when you get back from spring break. In anticipation, do the reading and questions asked on the first page ONLY of the handout. It will require you to read Case Study 4.

Mar 9, 2009

HW due Tue., 3/11, and Wed., 3/12

Civil Rights Movement, Case Study 2, pp. 23-34, answer all 11 questions.

On Wednesday, read Case Study 3 (Rosa Parks), pp. 37-47, and answer questions.

Mar 6, 2009

HW due Mon., 3/9

Read Case Study 1, in the new book, Civil Rights Movement, pp. 11-21.
Doll Doctor,
p. 17
Thinking It Over, p. 20
Identifying Main Ideas, p. 21

Mar 5, 2009

HW due Fri., 3/6

Strange Fruit Memorial Project

Here is what is due tomorrow (final day -- presentations):

  1. Written explanation (individual)*

Memorial Ingredients*


---awareness to issue

---emotional content

  1. Graphic design (group)
  2. Oral presentation (group)

Mar 4, 2009

HW due Thu., 3/5

If you were absent, please read these notes. Homework is at the bottom.



*Brings up a subject
*raises awareness of an issue
*gives us emotions


How is “Strange Fruit” an example of a memorial to victims of lynching?

AIDS WALK, Tribute show/song, Lincoln Memorial, Korean/Vietnam War Memorials, Iwo Jima, Mount Rushmore Monument, 9/11 Memorials, Holocaust Museum, Hunger Memorial in BPC


Named streets, plazas
Parks, public spaces
Schools with special curricula
Days of Remembrance


--- In class, we brainstormed about concept
 Assign materials to bring in for graphic design to be presented on Friday
 Rough draft explaining concept to be finalized after class on Thursday (maybe further research)

Mar 2, 2009

HW due Wed., 3/4, and Fri., 3/6


After drawing one of these two topics, do research using these URLs (below). Find out about this assigned case of modern day lynching, which in today's parlance is called a "hate crime." If you were not in class, one of the people in your group might contact you. You should do the research on your own so you are ready for class tomorrow.

Lili, Gussie, Hannah, Danielle, Sophie (topic 2)
Lee Anne, Sonia, Shadman, Zach, Perry (topic 1)
Madeleine, Isaac, Lily, Hanna (topic 2)
Chris, Brian, Efrain (topic 1)

Find out who (victim and perpetrator)/*when/*where/*what happened/*what happened later.

Each of you should write a synopsis of this information. Type it.
Due by Wednesday/individual assignment.

Then, together, in class Wednesday and on Thursday (optional), design a memorial or monument to this person. Use "Strange Fruit" or the better known memorials as inspiration. Ex. Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial. Use our discussion in class for other ideas.

If you missed class on Tuesday, you should watch these Youtube clips to understand the "Strange Fruit" song as a memorial: (Strange Fruit, the movie)

Billie Holliday:

Jeff Buckley:

Diana Ross:

Strange Fruit Hip Hop:

Together, Provide a graphic design. Make this very special. This is how you will communicate the idea to the class, along with talking us through it.

Individually, provide a written description of how the design fulfills the purpose of remembering this loss.

Tuesday, 3/3
Wednesday, 3/4
Optional: Thursday, 3/5

Friday, 3/6

Topic 1, Back in Time: Matthew Shepherd

Topic 2, Jasper, Texas, James Byrd, Jr.: