Apr 29, 2009

HW due Mon., 5/4

Make 10 new, properly prepared note cards for Chapter 2.

Apr 27, 2009

HW due Tue., 4/28

If you don't have them already, bring note cards!

To turn in:

Working/skeleton outline for the research paper. See a sample on pp. 8-9 of packet, and also all required topics for Ch. 2-3 on p. 4.

Also, complete the research question/working thesis on p. 21 of the packet. You should also put it into your outline.

Due next Monday: 10 NEW note cards for Ch. 2. Take home your base texts. You can take more notes if you want to.

Apr 23, 2009

HW due Fri., 4/24, and Mon., 4/27

By the beginning of class on Friday, be prepared to turn in 10 top-notch bibliography cards for a grade.

In class, you'll keep making bib. cards so you'll know what all the possible sources are for your research topic and also for Chapter Two.

On Monday, turn in a typed, alphabetized bibliography of ALL the sources (including base sources and the interview). You'll have over 20 sources. That's good -- you'll know what resources to work with when you start taking notes.

Apr 21, 2009

HW due Wed., 4/22, and Thu., 4/23

Begin working on Ch. 1 of your research paper, the feature story about your buddy and the CTB character.

Make sure you give credit to the source in the text (say "according to"), and if it's from CTB, give the page number in parentheses.

Tomorrow, you'll get your topics and begin browsing for books for the other chapters.

The feature story is actually due on Thursday. Work on it Wed. and Thu. evenings as homework.

Apr 20, 2009

HW due Tue., 4/21

Make a list 0f your top ten immigration topics, in order. Star the topics that reflect your own family background. Write any notes about a particular interest.

Also, make 8 more notecards, this time about your Crossing the Boulevard story.

You should have a total of 16 notecards tomorrow, and 4 bibliography cards.

Apr 16, 2009

HW due Fri., 4/17, and Mon., 4/20

Due Friday, but to turn in Monday:

American Journey, Read/Study 588-589, Answer #1-2, Copy pie charts.
Read/Study about "anti-immigration" (really do this -- it will help you for your research paper and you may want to take note cards from this later on): pp. 628-9, 633, 635, 701-2, 717-718.

Due Monday:

Review bib. card and note card format sheet. Then, make four bib. cards for the immigration sources you have so far. Next, make 8 good note cards for your immigration buddy interview. You may make more now or later. Some of them can be quotes. Some of them can be summaries.

Apr 15, 2009

HW due Thu., 4/16

In AJ, read about immigration, pp. 580-585, and then answer #1-5. Do this carefully, as this is the beginning of the background of your research paper.

Apr 8, 2009

HW due Tue., 4/14

1. Immigration Homework:

By Wednesday afternoon (4/8), make an index card with your name, the article name, and the page numbers for the Crossing the Boulevard story you want to focus on for Chapter One of youf immigration research paper. This also means you have read the story.

By Tuesday, April 14: You have a chance to change you mind. Tuesday is the final decision about the above story in CTB. Make sure you've read the story, and if you change your mind, make a new index card. Be ready to turn it in with your buddy interview notes.

2. White Privilege Homework:

Read the chart of statistics about The Plight of Black Children -- "No More Excuses" and the articles in the White Privilege packet -- stapled together with the picture about skin color on top. Highlight the things that are interesting to you in it.

Then, write a thoughtful, careful paragraph answering this question: "How does white privilege affect me"? It will be a different answer for each one of you, depending on how "white" you are, how white the world sees you to be, and on your personal experiences. GIVE EXAMPLES. Take it seriously.

Apr 6, 2009

HW due Tue., 4/7

Make an interview booklet for your immigration interview. Make two booklets if you have two interviews (you may use a dedicated notebook). You'll need to keep this for later on as we write the research project.

Minimum: 30 questions. Organize them into categories with spaces for answers.

Apr 3, 2009

HW due Mon., 4/6

Read Crossing the Boulevard, pp. 1-24, and answer the questions on the worksheet given to you in class.


Apr 2, 2009

HW due Fri., 4/3

Do Case Study 6 in CRM.

Answer the last 3 questions in the Chapter, on the blue page after the text. Also, answer the question at the bottom of the page about Fannie Lou Hammer (sorry, don't have the book with me right here, but you know what I mean).

Apr 1, 2009

HW due Thu., 4/2

Finish the packet on sit-ins. Answer all but one of the questions in each of the three sections.