Sep 30, 2009

HW due Thu., 10/1

Study for a mini-quiz on bibliographies -- books and websites only. Also, there will be a few questions about the essay requirements from the essay sheet. Please be familiar with both.

Turn in a correct bibliography for your essay (you still need it for the final essay due Monday).


Final draft of essay with bibliography. Two copies. Also turn in writing folder for safekeeping.

Sep 29, 2009

HW due Wed., 9/30

Nothing is due, but you will soon get other homework, so go over your essay and begin revising it.

The final essay, without discussion or exceptions, is due next Monday.

Optional: bring money for pizza for the Amnesty meeting.

LIFE AWARENESS: You know if you are missing something. Finish it for your classmates!

Sep 25, 2009


If you did not turn in your essay, please email it to me at the above address as soon as possible.

Sep 24, 2009

HW due Fri., 9/25

Rough Draft of Essay. Bring in folder with all previous editing, outlines, and notes. Please do serious preparation, including using the various checklists (essay checklist, writing reminders, spell checks, etc.) yourself. Don't forget a title and bibliography. I will not format the bibliography for you but I will take off points on the final draft if it is wrong.

If you do not turn the rough draft tomorrow, I cannot promise a timely turnaround on the feedback.

Sep 23, 2009


...but you could work on the checklist of your essay assignment worksheet (back side), add more quotes or facts, edit your own writing, do some more research, etc.

Rough Draft of Essay due Friday.

Sep 22, 2009

HW due Wed., 9/23

Turn in a typed copy of your first and second copy of your essay (I need to see the first copy to understand the second one).

The completed rough draft is due on Friday.

Sep 21, 2009

HW due Tue., 9/22

Fill in the Buddy Matching Sheet for your potential Newcomers H.S. buddy (unless you've already done it).

Finish the rough draft of your first paragraph. Just because you have it done doesn't mean you shouldn't keep working, however.

The rough, but edited, draft of the whole essay is due Friday. And your last work period in class is tomorrow.

Sep 20, 2009

NO HW DUE MON., 9/21.

Sep 17, 2009

HW due Fri., 9/18

Make and type (and have available on electronic format for Monday) a detailed outline for your essay.

Sep 16, 2009

HW due Thu., 9/17

Type up quotes and facts/details that you think would be potentially useful for your essay. You will have more quotes and information than you will actually be able to use in your essay, of course.

These should be on both modern and historical slavery.

Make sure you save them safely in electronic format, as you will be doing an outline next, and then you'll want them available for us in class when we use the laptops next Monday. PRINT UP A HARD COPY TO TURN IN AND THEN FILE IN YOUR WRITING FOLDER.

Don't forget that your Life Awareness packet is also due at 1pm tomorrow!

Sep 15, 2009

HW due Wed., 9/16

Take notes on modern slavery in preparation for writing your essay.

Tomorrow, you will be selecting quotable material and details for your outline, so be mindful as you take notes.

You will work in small groups tomorrow to share your research like you did with historical slavery.

Use these websites:

Sep 14, 2009

HW due Tue., 9/15

Read and answer questions 1-3 in "An Indentured Servant Writes Home" in Eyewitnesses. Sorry the work is out of order.

Remember, you'll soon be writing an essay. Some of you have not been marking quotes or making plans for that. Take yourself seriously.

Sep 11, 2009

HW due Mon., 9/14

1. In your writing folder, highlight comments on your history writing. Then, make a list of relevant writing reminders.

2. Review "Slavery in Virginia," pp. 55-59 (you read it last year). You might want to put post its next to good quotes.

3. Read "A Slave's Story," pp. 77-82. Do the same thing as above, except also answer questions #1-3. Olaudah Equaiano is the "kidnapped prince."

Sep 10, 2009

HW due Fri., 9/11

Make notes in AJ on slavery topics, pp. 102 - 107. Remember, this isn't busy work. Make notes in preparation for your essay. Things to look for:

1. Colonial Trade/Triangular trade, p. 102 (and map. p 103)
2. Middle Passage, p. 102
3. Tidewater plantations, p. 105
4. Slavery and slave codes, p.1o6
5. African traditions, p.106
6. Criticism of slavery, p. 106
7. The Kidnapped Prince, p. 107

Sep 9, 2009

HW due Thu., 9/10

1. Fill out and get course description signed. Give the extra copy to a parent.

2. Do the map assignment. Label the country, write the article title, and list an important social studies skill for the country's leader.

3. Optional: St. Clement's Pantry permission slip