Feb 24, 2010

HW due Thu.,, 2/25, and Fri., 2/26



1. Read Family Trees interview information. You may be quizzed on it. Be prepared.
2. Go to the Storycorps generator and check out possible questions there. You don't have to actually use it to make the interview sheet -- just pull out questions you think might be useful for your interview.
3. Make the INTERVIEW BOOKLET (doesn't have to be filled in Thursday).
4. Start thinking about and listing questions.


1. Make the INTERVIEW BOOKLET -- with questions. Minimum of 30. Make sure there are spaces for answers in between questions. You should group questions into categories. Also, make enough room for follow up questions and answers that you think of "on the spot."

2. Do the Jim Crow People Research Sheet.

Feb 23, 2010

HW due Wed., 2/24

Choose your Crossing the Boulevard subject. Make five note cards about him/her/them. Turn in these cards + your original card about this person.

Feb 22, 2010

HW due Tue., 2/23

Using the CROSSING THE BOULEVARD book, answer the questions on the worksheet given out in class.

If you were absent, you can get the worksheet by emailing me.


Feb 19, 2010

HW due Mon., 2/22

1. Hearts for Haiti -- campaign ends Fri. 2/26. Get donations this weekend -- please.

2. Update all community service sheets to turn in Monday. This is a homework assignment.

3. If you plan to attend the Amnesty meeting on Wednesday, bring $3 for a slice of pizza and soda. Case will be about Guantanamo prisoners.

4. Using the new textbook, CROSSING THE BLVD, in preparation for our trip to Newcomers H.S. on March 5, do the following:

-- Choose any two stories (not whole chapters).
-- Read them
-- Get two index cards. On each, write...
-- Name of person/persons in story
-- Page numbers
-- Where they're from
-- One-sentence summary

If you were absent, you will have to do this homework on Monday after you get the book. There will be another assignment that night, so you can do it at lunch if you prefer.

Feb 18, 2010

HW due Fri., 2/19

Study for the Reconstruction Quiz.

For studying, use Ch. 17 of AJ, the DREAMS DEFERRED packet, and the PowerPoint. Tristan, Tiffan, and India all emailed it to themselves if you want to contact them.

Updated community service sheets. You do not have to do a report this trimester, but you need to turn in the charts for credit.

HEARTS FOR HAITI: This is the last weekend. Details to follow in class.

Feb 17, 2010

HW due Thu., 2/18

Do the Parent Chat for Life Awareness (due in Life Awareness).

Study for the Reconstruction Quiz Friday by doing the web worksheet given out in class.

Write a letter to your buddy. If you have two buddies, the second letter is due Friday.

Feb 11, 2010

HW due Wed., 2/17

Do the Parent Chat for Life Awareness (due Thursday in Life Awareness).
(not the kind of thing you can do at the last minute).

Begin studying for the Reconstruction Quiz.

Review the "Dreams Deferred" primary source packet and Ch. 17. Know them inside and out.

The quiz has been moved, finally and definitively, to Friday, Feb. 19.

Feb 9, 2010

HW from now (Tue.) until Wed., 2/17

Due Thu., 2/11

Do the RECONSTRUCTION NOTEBOOK (see directions below) for Sections 3 and 4 of Chapter 17.

By Thursday, you should have read the entire chapter. We will discuss the chapter then.

Over the weekend, review the primary source packet, 'Dreams Deferred,' for a discussion on Wednesday, since we will not have class on Friday (7th grade field trip). Also, review the chapter and your notes.

Unfortunately, we will only have one more day for discussion of the chapter. Therefore, I will postpone the quiz to Thursday, 2/18.

YOU STILL MUST STUDY OVER THE WEEKEND. You cannot be successful by cramming the night before.

Feb 8, 2010

HW due Tue., 2/9

Get your tests signed.

I know for many of you, this was a tough test. I will be giving another quiz soon, and I will give it more emphasis on the report card if you do well on it, as a sign of "forward motion." So study carefully.

There are no "retests" for people who simply don't like their grades, but if I wrote "see me" on your test, or if you did not pass, then the matter is more serious. You should see me to discuss what we should do about your situation.


Follow the directions on the handout given to you (included at the end of this blog entry, just in case).

Tonight, Chapter 17 intro plus Sections 1 and 2,
pp. 498-503 and pp. 504-508.

The readings will be shorter the rest of the week. You should expect a quiz after the long weekend.

Practice: American Journey Reading and Activities

Product: Quiz

RECONSTRUCTION NOTEBOOK: How to study a textbook more independently…

For each section of the chapter, follow these steps.

Chapter title page and timeline: Write out title, why it matters, the impact today, and the time period it covers. Record page numbers.


A. Start by writing the section title and page numbers, years covered, and main idea.

B. Then, write key vocabulary with spaces for definitions later.

C. Turn the “Read to Learn” statements into questions with ample spaces to provide notes in afterwards.

D. Read event preview in timeline.

E. Skim the section. Look at the pictures and captions, or at maps or other graphics. Think about questions and what you might answer, but you don’t have to write anything.

F. Look at the questions in the section review at the end.

G. Read the section.

H. Now, define the vocabulary that you already wrote down.

I. Answer the questions in the space you provided in “Read to Learn” above – your general notes.

J. Finally, look at the other items in boldface in this section you read. Write down any terms, people, or things that you think it might be important to know for a quiz or test, and define them.

Feb 5, 2010

HW due Mon., 2/8

Write Buddy Letter.

In case anyone was checking, no community service reports are due (even though the schedule says so).

Feb 1, 2010

HW due Fri., 2/5

There is no social studies class between now and Friday. Here is the schedule:

Tuesday: English (all), 8:30 and 9:15
Wednesday: Research for Life Awareness Drug PowerPoints
Thursday: PowerPoint Presentations (both 10:45 and 1:00 classes)
Friday: Social Studies Class (yea!)

Due Friday: Dreams Deferred packet, pp. 1 - 16. Do anything instructed to do on each of the pages (see my scrappy handwriting). On the last two pages, there are questions to answer. Answer them on the blank page provided on p. 2, or you may insert a typewritten page for your answers instead.

You can do it all at once (too much work, in my opinion), or break it up into four assignments, one each night. You're in charge.

Ms. Allen