Oct 30, 2010

HW due Mon, 11/1

To show I can be traditional, you should memorize the ingredients of the Constitution. Come prepared to list a recipe, including the Bill of Rights.

Bring both signed quizzes to class.
We'll check p. 31 and finish the movie study guide, as well as do a little election talk.

Oct 28, 2010

HW due Fri., 10/29

CSG, pp. 27-31; answer p. 31, #1-4 (last Q on same page, only 2 sentences max).

Get your bibliography quiz signed by Monday.

Oct 26, 2010

HW due Wed., 10/27, and Thu., 10/28

Read and answer CSG, pp. 22-26. Answer 1-3, and  #4 in one or two sentences on the same page.

You will have a quiz on the Articles of Confederation and the European Influences on the Constitution on Thursday. Study prior materials in the CSG and other worksheets. This will be a very short quiz and will be open-ended, not focused on memorization. It will also not take up the whole class period.

On the St. Luke's index card given to you in class, you may write any notes you wish to use on the quiz and bring it with you to class.

Pages to Study in CSG:
CSG: 16-19, 11-15

AJ Study Sheet/AJ Pages 192-200:
plan of govmt = constitution
3 ways states limited power = bicameral legislatures, governor restrictions, voting restrictions
republic = govm't in which citizens rule thru' elected reps
Articles of Confed = America's first CONSTITUTION
This government COULD ==
   conduct foreign affairs, maintain armed forces, borrow money, issue currency
This government COULD NOT ===
   regulate trade, raise an army (it had to ask states for $), impose taxes; also there was no chief executive
There WAS conflict between large and small states
A of C = 1781- 1789
Two more examples of limited authority = could not pass a law w/o 9 states approving it out of 13; articles couldn't change w/o all 13 states approving it.
Two laws were passed that were good: The Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance. They allowed for the emergence of new western territories into statehood (gradually); look at the textbook for more details! Note new states that would eventually come about: WI, IL, MI, IN, OH. Note also: no slavery allowed.
Two problems that remained: financial and problems with Britain and Spain
Details for these problems: Money depreciated (lost value). What do you think the other one was about? Hmmm. Eventually, there was a war of 1812 with Britain.
Economy? Daniel Shays? Farmer? I'm not even putting the answers down here.

Good luck tomorrow. Ms. Allen

HW due Mon., 10/25, and Tue, 10/26

On Mon., the Venn Diagram Project is due.

On Tue., please write a letter to your buddy. Also, finish the text messages assignment given to you in class on Monday.

Oct 20, 2010

HW due Thu., 10/21

Finish the rest of the questions on p. 19 of the CONSTITUTION STUDY GUIDE (CSG); read pp. 192-198 in AJ.

Oct 18, 2010

HW due Wed., 10.20

Tomorrow is the last day you can bring money for the "refreshments" for the Amnesty International meeting on Thursday.

Study for the bibliography quiz. These are the specific citations you'll need to know:

* books (including multiple authors and editors as authors)
* encyclopedias (with and without authors)
* magazine articles (with and without authors)
* websites (you could use "Bib Me" to learn proper formatting, or the example I gave you before you turned in your essays).

Use the bibliography format handouts for studying, or the Bib Me website. The quiz, which will not take the whole class period, is on Wed., 10/20.

Also due on 10/20: Read The Constitution Study Guide (henceforth called CSG), pp. 16-19. Answer p. 19, #4 only, on a separate sheet of paper.

On Friday, 10/22, I will be on a field trip with Grade 7; you will have retreat activities with Mr. Trav at 1:45.

The Venn Diagram Project on Revolutions is still due Monday, October 25. I will be out at a conference that day, and Mr. Mason will be your substitute teacher.

Oct 15, 2010

HW due Mon., 10/18

Read the article, "What Can Oman Teach Us." Turn it into a question, and answer it on the back in a meaningful way and in at least two sentences.
Here's an online link to the article:

Oman Article

In addition, fill out your community service forms with amount of time and description of activity done. Alternatively, you may write a paragraph describing what you've done so far. You must turn these in.

Community service will be addressed as a comment on your report card in November.

Oct 14, 2010

HW due Fri., 10/15

Read the packet given to you in class. Learn about what they are saying about the British.

Look up Algerian independence. Write down three significant things.

Project deadline postponed to Mon., Oct. 25.

Oct 13, 2010

HW due Thu., 10/14

Get essay signed. Bring it back so I can make copies for the file and keep it safe in the writing folder.

Bring a second copy of the essay for posting on the bulletin board.

Oct 7, 2010

HW due Fri., 10/8, and Wed., 10/13

Finish your final essay with bibliography, title, and the attached rough draft.

For Wednesday, turn in a proposal for the formal of your independence comparison project.

Oct 6, 2010

HW due Thu., 10/7

Work on your essay due Friday.

Oct 5, 2010

No HW due Wed., 10/6

But do get your quiz signed.

HW due Wed., 10/6

Continue to work on your essay due Friday. Make sure you have a correct bibliography and a title with your name as described on the assignment sheet. You must use signal phrases with all quotes.

Cut these squares up (or copy them) and arrange them into an outline on paper. Include any numbers, letters, or other necessary punctuation. Add other details from the text to make sure you understand what these things mean. What subheadings would you add? If you were absent, do this work on your own. Then, complete p. 15, # 2 and #3, for homework.

The English Bill of Rights
The Ancient Roman Republic
Montesquieu Suggests Limited Government

Ancient Greek Democracy

European Influences on the U.S. Constitution
The English Parliament

European Philosophers Influence American Government

English History Influences American Government
Rousseau Expands the Contract Theory

John Locke’s Contract Theory

Magna Carta

English Common Law From Ancient Greece and Roman (Classical Times)

Don't forget: LIFE AWARENESS HOMEWORK (Parent Chat -- Alcohol Topic) -- Give them the sheets to keep.

Oct 3, 2010

HW due Tue., 10/5

From LIBERTY: "Blows Must Decide" 1774-1776...
A total break from Great Britain remains hard for Americans to imagine, even after shots are fired at Lexington and Concord. Words push matters "Over the Edge" in 1776. Common Sense argues that it is the natural right of men to govern themselves. The Declaration of Independence declares this same idea a "self-evident" truth. For Americans, there is no looking back. There will be war with England.
Play the Revolution Game:
Important Research Facts about the Revolution:
Homework: Finish taking notes on the American Revolution. Use the resources above. We begin the project -- and India -- tomorrow.

Oct 1, 2010

HW due Monday, 10/4

Write a letter to each of your buddies (most of you have two letters to write). Consider how much time your new buddies took to prepare his or her letter, etc., so make sure your letters are personal, meaningful, and special.

I recommend you do your Life Awareness homework (parent chat, see below) over the weekend as well. It's due on Wednesday.