Jan 17, 2006


Jan 12, 2006

Ongoing Homework for January

Use the orange sheet passed out in class for your reading calendar.

Do TWO post-its for any chapter assigned in WTW. You do not need to do post-its for other books. However, study ALL materials for the test on January 31.

Jan 9, 2006

Mon. Homework (due Tue.)

Finish reading Ch. 15 in The American Nation, pp. 336-347.

Jan 4, 2006

Wed. Homework (Due Thu., Jan. 5)

1. Read Section 1 in The American Nation, pp. 428-431. Answer the one Q on p. 430, and #3-5 on p. 431.
2. Bring (optional) $2 for pizza for Friday's Amnesty Meeting.
3. There is no community service report due until Feb (combo Dec/Jan report).
4. Catch up on your nicenet postings -- the gradebook closes for giving you credit for doing it on Friday. See below for a copy of the instructions.

NICENET for St. Luke's Interaction _____
Hi everyone. Today we will once again participate in an online discussion forum between Newcomers High School and the St. Luke's School.
Step 1: Register on NICENET (if you haven't done this already).a. Click “Internet Explorer” and go to www.nicenet.org.b. Hit “join a class”c. Enter the class key: 384479S40d. Register your username as the first letter of your first name and your last name with no spaces (example “jmann”). Register your password as “1234” – it's easiest to remember.e. Include an email and confirmation so you won’t be listed as anonymous.f. Fill in your first name, last name, and your e-mail address.g. Click “join the class”h. Click “finish registration” which will send you to the login page.
Step 2: Post your writing on NICENET:a. Log onto NICENET by typing your new username and password.b. In the menu bar on the left, click on “Conferencing”c. Under “conferencing topics”, click on Human Rights Day Reflections 2005.d. Click on Post Message to Human Rights Day Reflections 2005. What are your thoughts on our day together?e. Give your message a subject and then share your ideas. Please post your thoughts on issues that excite you: human rights, your experiences together, future actions for Darfur, music, movies, holiday plans, life in America, life in New York, etc..f. Click “Post new message”.
Step 3: Reply to other postings. After you have posted your message, return to the conference by clicking on “conference” in the left hand menu.b. See the different responses.c. Read what your buddies and classmates have written.d. Reply to at least four responses by clicking “reply”, typing a subject and text, and then clicking “post your writing”.NOTE: In replying, you might want to ask a personal question, share an experience, give your opinion, etc.

Jan 3, 2006


1. Read, highlight, study Mastering U.S. History (MUSH), pp. 71-2 and 82-6.
2. Read and study the intro. to Ch. 15 in The American Nation, p. 427.

Bring $2 for pizza for the Amnesty meeting Friday (optional, of course).