Oct 29, 2009

HW due Mon., 11/2

Do your best. If you look here, you will find the answers to the worksheets...part of them.

For the Bill of Rights, Analogically Speaking, use the Bill of Rights to guess which amendments fit, and why.

For the Five Principles of the Constitution, use pp. 38-41 in the CSG. Write the words, and then what they mean or refer to underneath (that is, some short notes).

At the bottom...why is it a LIVING CONSTITUTION? Well,

It can be AMENDED. It can be INTERPRETED (by the Supreme Court).
Also note the "elastic clause." It's in Article 1. We'll mention it in class.

What's the Formula? 1 Preamble + 7 Articles + 27 Amendments + Supreme Court Decisions

There, aren't you glad you checked the blog?

Hope you had a wonderful retreat. I look forward to seeing you. xo Ms. Allen

Oct 27, 2009

HW due Wed., 10/28

Make a fancy index card or nice sheet of paper with the 14th Amendment copied out (Section 1 only). Then, highlight what you think are the key words. Study it. Think about it. Really.

Oct 26, 2009

HW due Tue., 10/27

Make a "flip book" for the Bill of Rights. Using 11 or so index cards stapled together, summarize each right along with an icon (hand-drawn or computerized) to represent the right.

Bring in any missing item for your "buddy package."

Get your project sheet signed.

Oct 23, 2009

HW due Mon., 10/26

Make a recipe card for "making the Constitution." Make it more detailed than the ingredients list passed out in class today. Detail the 7 articles, and explain at least 5 amendments.

Write a fantastic, interested and interesting letter to your buddy. Include at least one photo.

Burn a CD with at least 10 chosen songs for your buddy (this CD may be turned in on Tuesday if you need help with technical issues). Include a playlist

Oct 21, 2009

HW due Fri., 10/23

Bring a calculator for your ERB test.

In the CSG, read about Ratification, pp. 32-35. Answer #4 in just one sentence (no paragraph) on the same page at the bottom of p. 35.

In the CSG, read about the Amendment Processes (how the Constitution can be changed), pp. 43-47. Answer #4 in just once sentence (no paragraph) on the same page on the bottom of p. 47.

In the CSG, read about Judicial Review (how the Supreme Court can interpret the Constitution), pp. 54-58. Answer #4 in just one sentence (no paragraph) on the same page on the bottom of p. 58.

Oct 19, 2009

HW due Wed., 10/21

This homework is not due on Tuesday.

1. Get your essay signed.

2. On the three index cards, in nice writing (decorating would be lovely), put:
-- your name and the essay title
-- the thesis or the main idea (could also choose the concluding idea from the end of the essay)
-- a quote in quotation marks (if you quote someone else, say who said it, too)
These cards will accompany your essay (the unmarked one) on a bulletin board display outside the classroom.

3. CSG (Constitution Study Guide), pp. 22-26 (answer 26 but no paragraph -- about Philly and the convention fellows

4. AJ, read 202-205; answer #4, p. 205 (about the same thing)

5. CSG, pp. 27-31 (answer 31 but no paragraph -- about the convention and all the amazing things they decided)

6. AJ, read pp. 207-208 (about European influences on the Big C)

You may think it's a lot, but really, it's not. And you love social studies, too.

Oct 16, 2009

HW due Mon., 10/19

Read about European influences on the Constitution in the CSG, pp. 11-15. Answer p. 15, including the paragraph.

Oct 15, 2009

HW due Fri., 10/16

OK, so here it is:

It's the eve of the Constitution.... problems are astir. Those folks back then would have used text messages to build up momentum if they had them. Pretend you are "in the know" in the late 1700s, a concerned "leading citizen" under the Articles of Confederation. Send out three texts (or maybe they are tweets to a whole bunch of people at once) about three things. The information you need is on pp. 200-201 of The American Journey.


Hey, just for the historical record, write a date/year above each text message -- say when and what time your phone "sent" it.

Text #1: Oh, my God -- Shays' Rebellion! Inform everyone of this crisis and its implications ($, no army)

Text #2: What are we going to do about slavery? Take a particular point of view, or insert detail from the text.

Text #3: Set up a "meet up" about the need for a convention. We need a new constitution, don't we? Where to meet? When? Why?

Oct 14, 2009

HW due Thu., 10/15

Read and answer the questions in CONSTITUTION STUDY GUIDE (henceforth CSG), pp. 16-19. Do both of the paragraphs on a separate paper.

Don't forget your Life Awareness -- read magazine and do the pre-quiz.

Oct 9, 2009

HW due Wed., 10/14

Finish your revolution/independence project.

Next week, we will discuss the homework that was due on Friday, 10/9 (Constitution Study Guide).

Make sure your community service folder/chart is up to date.

Oct 8, 2009

HW due Fri., 10/9

Read and answer in the Constitution Study Guide (newly issued), pp. 4-9. Make sure you answer the pre-quiz, p. 5.

If you haven't already done so already, please update your stars and file your community service chart in the community service box by the end of the day on Friday.

Oct 7, 2009

HW due Thu., 10/8

Nothing is due, but you should begin designing and thinking about your revolution project. It is due next Wednesday. You will have a Constitution-related assignment tomorrow night, but no other homework during the weekend.


Oct 6, 2009

HW due Wed., 10/7

Prepare preliminary notes in a Venn Diagram comparing the revolutions/independence movements of the 13 Colonies, India, and Algeria. Include at least 10 total items. Make each items complete and clear enough to make sense. You can shift and change/add things as you get more information later and talk to your classmates.

Oct 5, 2009

HW due Tue., 10/6

1. Get quiz signed.
2. Share Community Service Guidelines/Chart with parent and have him/her sign guidelines.
3. Fill in chart for September. Stickers, folders, and box are coming.
4. Make a written plan for what you are going to do for community service (to be turned in).
5. WORK ON YOUR LIFE AWARENESS ASSIGNMENT! Don't put it off = it is not to be saved until the last minute.

Life Awareness Assignment
Read an article.
Find the four steps of the decision-making model and write them neatly on an index card. Have your parents sign it, and then staple/tape it to a prominent place in your LA folder.
Memorize the steps for a quiz on Thursday.

Oct 2, 2009

HW due Mon. 10/5

Finish your final draft of the essay.

Turn in two copies. Also turn in the writing folder for safekeeping. Use your checklists.

Oct 1, 2009

HW due Fri., 10/2

Write a meaningful, fabulous letter back to your Newcomers buddy, as well as a bio-poem on a separate paper. Photo(s) recommended.